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Early Season at the East Ranga. Today I show you another fantastic river on budget!

The East Rangá is the wild small sister of the West. One of the most beautiful rivers in the south. Fantastic landscape, like on another planet, with the vulcano Mt.Hekla in the background. From the third week of june until the end of june, there is preseason.

In this time the fattest chromers of the year enters the river, not so much in numbers but fat and silver bright! Sometimes the first grilse arrive too...

This river have enough space for each angler, 3 rods per beat in the preseason, so its s good choice to visit the East with some friends to fish in one beat together.

You can stay wherever you want, but the best place to have a nice trip is the

The manager is one of the best chefs in Iceland and its fantastic to take a bath in the hotpots on the terrace, have a drink an look over the meadows of East Ranga Valley and the vulcanos.

There are nine fantastic beats on that river, each beat is long enough to fish the hole day at one, but you fish three of them each day, so you need 3 days to fish all beats.

Also a good thing is, you can hire a guide for all of the three rods, that brings the costs down and your guide knows where are the big ones! Rod sharing also possible. All in all a brilliant option to have a foot in the door!

Be smart and ask the experts, it costs nothing for you and you get always the best price!

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