Who we are

Timon Thimme, fish farmer in training, salmon fisherman with body and soul,for him is no way too far, no way too stony to get to his salmon.

Alexander Wolff, 49 years old, commutes back and forth between Iceland and Scotland, if he is not just work for his company, the Swiss Federal Railway

Timon Thimme, Fischwirt in Ausbildung, Lachsfischer mit Leib und Seele, ihm ist kein Weg zu steinig um an seinen Lachs zu kommen.

Alexander Wolff, 49 Jahre alt,  pendelt zwischen Island und Schottland hin und her, falls er nicht gerade für seinen Dienstherrn, die Schweizer Bundesbahn unterwegs ist.

What we do for You

We connect you with the best guides and best companies in Iceland and Scotland, for the best available prices and bring you to hidden places in Iceland, Scotland and Danmark!

This Service will be free for You!

We fish the West and East Ranga, Nordura and small hidden treasurers in Iceland, the River Dee and the River Alness in Scotland and most of the danish salmonrivers.

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