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Special Offer  2023


Middle of august 2023

2 days seatrout fishing

4 days salmonfishing

3 different rivers


4 rods only        

706000 ISK

approx. 4900 Euro each or 4230 GBP


July, august, september 2023

5 days salmonfishing


4 rods

2 different rivers 18km exclusive fishing

approx. 2250 Euro each or 1950 GBP

11th&12th of july 2024

1 day fishing in a river close to Reykjavik for arctic char

1 day fishing for trophy trout at Lake Thingvellir

at the famous ION beats

all transfers and a shared guide

169500 ISK or approx 1115 Euro or 979 GBP

Ask for your special offer 2023

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