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What do you need to catch a silver bright Springer in Iceland.

First you have to be at the right river at the right time. Fishing for Springers starts in Iceland around the 5th. of june at Norđurá and some other Rivers like the Blandá, or around the 25th. at West Rangá. Earliest river is the mighty Þjórsá wich starts at the end of may.

West Rangá offers very good fishing for a very fair price. This fishing you can't beat in Scotland or in the rest of Scandinavia for the same price!

What you have to bring:

-Rods between 12'6 and 14', 450 to 660 grain. I use the Scott McKenzie Atlas Graphene in 12'7.

-A reel with 150 yards of backing.

-A shootinghead-system with multiple tips and sinking to extra fast sinking polyleaders for your swimming tip. So you are prepared for each situation.

-A spool with Gangrou Monofilament in 0,35mm

Flies like the HKA Sunray, Red Frances, Black Frances, German Snaelda in different sizes make a good job.

In the first weeks of the season most of the fish are 2SW fish up to 32inch, also some bigger ones and a few grilse, 90% sealiced.

Daily catch per angler is somewhere between one and five salmon in the net.

In this time of the year you can catch also very big trouts up to 10kg, browntrout, slob and seatrout as well.

Ask me for more details!

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