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Chasing silver at the river mouth!

Estuaries have a special attraction for me. It's that special atmosphere, the sound of the waves, the screeching of the sea birds, the fresh breeze. The mouth of my river changes from year to year, a few years ago there was a large stone in the middle of the canal, now it is 20 yards away on the bank. There were always fish around the stone, especially at low tide. Unfortunately, there is no longer a holding spot in this area. However, the fish usually stop shortly after they

have reached the river, for a few seconds, sometimes minutes, and there they often draw attention to themselves by jumping. In this situation the fish are very eager to bite and it seems to me that they still have the hunting instinct from the sea. I always fish far into the V at these points and was often rewarded here! How are your experiences in the estuary areas?

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