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Hotel Keflavik, best Hotel to start your trip!

Sometimes you need a hotel before you start your fishing trip in Iceland. The reason is that your flight arrive Keflavik late in the evening or at night and your fishing starts at 4.00pm at the next day. One of the best options is to stay at Keflavik in the "Hotel Keflavik" 4**** ! Nice rooms in each category, nice rooms in the "Guesthouse" also, just on the other roadside (shared bathroom). The service is excellent and the breakfast is absolutely perfect! The hotel offers "After Flight & and Before Flight Specials" for a very good price and includes airport transfer. There is a large parking area for your rental car, some of the rooms have seaview, there is a spa and a fitness room. The hotel is in Downtown Keflavik where you can find some good restaurants and bars. We stay in Hotel Keflavik since 2012, its the best option around the airport, you will love it too!

To Do List: visit the Blue Lagoon, its only a short drive. Visit this restaurant and have Icelandic Turf&Surf (lamb&lobster).

Take a night cup in a bar or in the hotel an talk about salmonfishing! or ask me for for a special deal:

if you book your fishing trip with we can give you a 25%discount for Keflavik Hotel (only when available). You can ask us also for cheap rental cars!

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